First Year Post Graduate Courses
Online Admission Registration - Academic Year 2019-2020

Important Guidelines :

1. All applicants must remember the FORM No. which will be automatically generated and quote the same in ALL future

communication or use the same for updating the data associated with this online application.

2. All first-time applicants are required to click on the APPLY button to begin the Registration process. However, applicants who have

registered earlier and who wish to update their details must use the SEARCH BY option and enter the appropriate value in the box

provided alongside and click on the SHOW button to retrieve the previously saved information.

3. A red asterix (*) denotes that it is mandatory that information be filled in and it cannot be left blank. Failure to provide this

mandatory data will not allow you to move forward.

4. For uploading a photograph it is mandatory that the photo be a recent Passport size photo measuring 35mm by 45 mm and strictly

with a white background only. Make sure that the file size of the photo is limited to 100 KB or less and the file type must be a

JPG file type only.

5. For uploading all other relevant documents (eg. Relevant docs. for Spl. catg.), make sure that

the file size is limited to 200 KB and that the file type is a PDF type only.

6. If you belong to any one of the following category Viz. PIO -> Persons of Indian Origin, OCI -> Overseas Citizen of India,

NRI -> Non-Resident Indian and Foreign Passport Holder then apply to the following Website

for your admission and not on this website

7. It is recommended to use PC / LAPTOP for best result

8. Please reffer to the college website under Courses and Admission under sub-section Post-Graduate Courses for the eligibility criteria

9. For Support email to

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